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7 Reasons to Get a Tankless Water Heater


Reasons to Get a Tankless Water Heater

First thing in the morning who wants a cold shower? Apart from those living in the tropics, no one! Have you ever had the experience of getting into the shower only to be disappointed by a tepid temperature?

Unfortunately, that is what can happen when your hot water tank runs out of hot water and you have to wait for ages for it to heat the water again. Nightmare, especially if this happens at the beginning of your day.

Have you ever considered a tankless water heater? Yes, you heard it correctly. You do not have to have a hot water tank. In fact, there are many advantages to going tankless.

In this article, you will read about seven reasons why you should get a tankless water heater. Be warned, once armed with this knowledge your plumbing system is heading for change.

1. Save the Planet

You might think that saving the planet is a lofty ideal and quite remote from the decisions you make about your plumbing system. However, the truth is that environmental damage is often the result of lots of little things that add up on a global scale.

For example, you may be surprised to know in the U.S the average family can waste 180 gallons of water per week. You can help reduce water wastage by using a tankless hot water system.

Often, with a hot water tank, you have to run off the water first to get to your desired temperature. All of that water is wasted. However, a tankless system will deliver the hot water you want at the right temperature.

2. Save Your Wallet

If we are honest about it, most people think about saving their wallets before saving the planet. Sometimes both go hand in hand. For example, reduced water usage will lead to savings in your water bill.

Yet, there are more gains than just this. It seems that tankless systems are more energy-efficient by about 25 percent. That means consuming 25 percent less energy to achieve the same task.

Less energy consumption means your energy bill will be cheaper. This will be true even in large families that consume a lot of water and energy.

3. Save Your Time

It is inevitable that a hot water tank needs maintenance and repairs. Not only that but hot water tanks need replacing every 10 years or so. This all takes time to arrange and money.

A tankless system lasts much longer, even up to 20 years. Also, they are less likely to have problems. One of the reasons is that a tankless system is designed to be an on-demand system.

That means it will provide what you need as soon as you need it. Whereas a standard hot water tank system is constantly working to keep the water hot in the tank. Another issue is the build-up of minerals at the bottom of a hot water tank.

This just adds further to the inefficiency of the system and of course eventually functional issues can develop. A tankless system will save you all of that time and hassle. Check out this article on water heater problems and repairs.

4. Save Yourself

How can you save yourself using a tankless hot water system? It is no exaggeration to say that a hot shower feels like a lifesaver at times. As mentioned in the outset of this article, a cold shower can be soul-destroying at the beginning of the day.

With a tankless system, you will save yourself from ever having to have a cold shower again. This is particularly useful when you have guests and the consumption of hot water is more than usual. No need to race to the shower first thing in the morning.

5. Save Space

This may not seem like a great advantage but that really depends on how big your existing water tank is. Some are very large indeed and occupy significant floor space. Plus they can be quite unsightly.

In contrast, a tankless system is about 80 percent smaller and can be wall-mounted. That means preserving valuable floor space and removing a potential eyesore.

6. Save on Leaks

Even though hot water tanks are designed to resist corrosion and not to leak, the reality is that over time it is inevitable you will get some problems.

Your hot water tank is a pressurized system and sometimes in order to regulate that pressure, water is released from the tank. This shouldn’t be a major problem but it certainly is one that is easily avoided with a tankless system.

7. Save Your Health

If you have ever been scolded in the shower, you will see the immediate benefit of using a tankless hot water system. This type of system regulates the temperature at the source. Whereas a standard hot water tank simply heats the water up and you have to regulate it yourself by adding some cooler water.

Another health risk from using a hot water tank is that some harmful elements can get into the water as the tank corrodes. This then comes into contact with your skin in the shower. A tankless system avoids such a problem.

Some of these issues you have likely never heard of before. Not to worry, check out this article on other common plumbing problems.

Are You Ready for a Tankless Water Heater?

It is clear there are many advantages to using a tankless hot water system. If you haven’t yet made up your mind on whether you should get a tankless water heater or not then that is no surprise. Why? Because there are always other considerations.

In this article, we have looked at some of the benefits but to get a fuller picture check out this buying guide here.

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