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6 Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners


Common Water Heater Mistakes

Your old water heater has bitten the proverbial dust. Now, it’s time to install a new model. But installing a water heater isn’t always the most straightforward of processes.

Oftentimes, when people are installing water heaters, mistakes are made. Wondering what types of mistakes you have to look out for? Then read on.

Here are 6 common water heater installation mistakes for homeowners to avoid.

1. Putting the Water Heater in the Wrong Area

Perhaps the most common mistake during the water heater installation process is putting the water heater in the wrong area. Now, you might be thinking: how can a water heater be in the wrong area?

Well, for one, it could be put in an area in which it obstructs other important entities. For two, it could be put in an area in which it’s exceedingly difficult to access. For three, it could be put in an area that lacks insulation.

Ideally, your water heater will be placed in a small and compact area away from other appliances. In fact, it’s quite common for water heaters to be installed in pantries or broom closets.

Note, though, that you need to be able to gain easy access to all of its components. This way, when it comes time for repair and maintenance, you don’t need to tear anything down. Make sure that its drain valve, drain spigot, and other external components can be reached with ease.

2. Picking the Wrong Size Water Heater

Another mistake that’s commonly made when installing a water heater is picking the wrong size water heater. This can go two different ways: 1. you can choose a water heater that’s too large, resulting in unnecessary expenses, and 2. you can choose a water heater that’s too small, resulting in a lack of hot water when you need it.

Now, how do you go about choosing the right size? We recommend simply following these guidelines.

So, if you have 1 or 2 people in your home, you should choose a 50 to 60-gallon water heater. If you have 3 or 4 people in your home, you should choose an 80-gallon tank. If you have more than 4 people in your home, you should choose the largest tank possible.

3. Failing to Tighten Connections

When you install a water heater, you need to fasten all sorts of connections. If you fail to fasten these connections fully, water leaks can occur, resulting in progressive damage over time.

Therefore, when fastening connections, be sure to get them as tight as possible. In fact, it might even be a good idea to tighten them with a wrench so as to provide as much pressure as possible. This is one of the water heater installation mistakes you really do not want to make.

If you need assistance with this step, give a call to a plumber. They’re well-versed in the installation of water heaters and will have all of the tools necessary to fasten connections thoroughly.

4. Improperly Installing the Relief Valve

Perhaps the most important component of any water heater is the relief valve. This valve releases pressure intermittently so that it doesn’t build up within the water heater itself. If pressure were to build up within the water heater, it could eventually explode, creating an extremely dangerous situation for anyone in the home.

The issue is that many individuals when installing the relief valve tend to do it incorrectly. They don’t use anything to redirect exhaust from the valve. Therefore, it either doesn’t release entirely or releases in the direction of people next to the water heater, both of which can be dangerous.

You need to connect a drain tube directly to the relief valve and then point it toward the floor. In doing so, you leave no risk of misfiring exhaust.

If you need assistance with this, call up your local plumber. They’ll help you with the installation of the relief valve so as to ensure the safest environment possible.

5. Failing to Properly Secure the Water Heater

Water heaters are just like any other objects; they have the ability to tip over and fall down. And when a water heater falls down, it’s not just a loud noise that you have to worry about. If a water heater falls over, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

Therefore, it’s important to secure the water heater in place. Attach it to the wall with the proper frames and ensure that it’s snug enough not to move. Again, if you need help with this, your local plumber can get the job done for you.

6. Utilizing Poor-Quality Components

In order to properly install a water heater, you need to utilize a variety of different components. For instance, you need a pressure relief valve to prevent heat and pressure from building up inside of the water heater. You also need fittings to attach hoses and pipes to the water heater.

Now, there are all kinds of valves and hoses out there on the market. The thing about them, though, is that they range in quality from excellent to poor. Therefore, when purchasing such components, you need to make sure to choose ones of at least reasonable quality.

It might be a good idea to buy these components online. That way, you can read reviews on them from past buyers.

Or, you could just have a professional plumber supply them and install them for you. Pro plumbers work with only the best of components and will ensure that your water heater gets the best of the best.

Avoid Water Heater Installation Mistakes By Hiring a Water Heater Contractor

Water heater installation mistakes are bound to pop up. However, you yourself can avoid them entirely by simply hiring a water heater contractor.

Looking for a water heater contractor in Huntington Beach? Suburban Plumbing has you covered.

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