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Why You Should Hire a Slab Leak Detection Service


Dripping to Puddle

The average concrete slab is only 4-6 inches deep, but there’s a lot of important stuff in there.

Not only does it contain reinforcement, but it also contains the sewer pipe, water pipes, and electrical conduits. That means there’s the potential they can leak and cause problems for the whole house. Slab leaks can be tricky to find because they’re so well hidden.

If you’ve got the slightest suspicion you’ve got a slab leak, it’s time to call in a slab leak detection service. Let’s dig a little deeper into why this is essential and what you can do if you do have a leak.

What Causes Slabs to Leak?

Concrete slabs are designed to carry a huge load and not crack under pressure. But unfortunately, they’re fallible. Pipes embedded in the slab are usually the issue.

Over time, they expand and contract with the changing seasons. This can even happen with insulated pipes, especially if they’ve been down for years or decades. Water pipes can also corrode over time and burst.

The slab also carries the huge weight of the rest of the house. In time, cracks can begin to appear. Water then escapes out of the pipes and can cause the slab to start leaking.

The earth beneath your home can also settle over time. As the ground moves, it increases the pressure on your pipes. And of course, Orange County is situated in an area of seismic activity.

Signs of Slab Leaks

Leaks aren’t always as obvious as a spring of water bubbling up in your basement. Signs of leaks include:

  • Water bills suddenly go sky high
  • Damp patches on the floor
  • Warm areas of the floor that you can’t explain
  • Water pressure drops
  • Mold and mildew in the basement
  • Wood floors begin to swell and go out of shape

You may even hear a faint sound of water running. We understand that the temptation is to grab a hammer and try to find that leak yourself. But please, don’t attempt a DIY solution.

They rarely end well and often result in more expensive slab repairs.

Slab Leak Health Risks

A more worrying complication from slab leaks is that they can impact your health.

Mold is all around us at low levels. But when there’s a humid environment in your home, it can quickly colonize part of your home. Its cousin mildew is also quick spreading and loves moisture.

The full extent of the impact of mold on human health is not fully understood. But according to the CDC, it can cause:

  • Stuffy nose
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Rashes
  • Sore eyes

It can even cause lung infections in some people.

Mold remediation after a leak can be seriously expensive. And that expense is on top of the cost of repairing slab leaks. The best forms of defense are slab leak prevention and detecting them before they do serious harm.

How a Slab Leak Detection Service Can Help

When you call in a slab leak detection service, they will systematically examine your slab. They won’t start ripping things up or do any damage. Instead, they’ll use a combination of knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to locate the leaks.

First, they’ll figure out the layout of the pipes in your slab. They’ll use the location of drains and fixtures to work out where the pipes are situated.

Next, they’ll use specially made microphones that amplify the sound of leaking water. This can help them pinpoint exactly where the problem is.

Pressure sensors let the inspectors check the pressure levels and temperature of the foundation. Once they’ve narrowed down the search, cameras are sent down the pipes to take a peek at exactly what’s causing the problem.

No sledgehammers, no damage, no drama. Just a scientific approach to locating leaks and planning repairs.

Repairing Slab Leaks

Repairing slab leaks involves excavating the area around the broken pipe.

This is a job for professionals who know what they are doing. They need to use heavy equipment, such as a jackhammer, to excavate the area carefully. If it’s not done correctly, it could cause more problems than it fixes.

Also, if the leak is in the sewage pipe, it needs to be handled with extreme care. That pipe is full of biohazardous waste that has potentially been leaking into your slab. Professional plumbers have the protective gear and the training to handle that safely.

Afterward, they’ll fill the slab back in. You’ll have restored peace of mind knowing that your slab is in great condition again.

Slab Leak Prevention

Some of the causes of slab leaks are out of the homeowner’s control. But there are a few things you can do to minimize the stress on your slab.

First, schedule regular plumbing inspections. They’ll check that the water pressure is not too high, which can put pressure on the pipes in your slab.

Next, make sure that the trees around your house are not encroaching on your slab. The roots of trees can cause the earth to move and put major stress on your slab. Keep them well pruned and call in a professional for advice if they’re getting too big.

Choose Suburban Plumber for Slab Leak Detection

Detecting slab leaks is not a job for weekend warriors. A slab detection service will use specialist equipment to locate your leak without doing any damage. They also have the tools and skills to fix the leak before it becomes a major issue.

If you have the slightest suspicion that you have a leak in your slab, don’t delay. At Suburban Plumbing, we’re familiar with all styles of construction in Orange County, CA. Our licensed, insured, and bonded pros will find that leak and put it right.

Contact us to request a quote for our slab leak detection service today!

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