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Trenchless Sewer Repair: How Does It Really Work?


How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work

There was a time when in order to get your sewer repaired, plumbers had to tear up your yard. While this was necessary, it also meant that you had to sacrifice part of your beautiful yard and your landscaping efforts. Trenchless sewer repairs offer a new-age way to repair your sewer line without the need to dig up a large trench on your yard.

There is still a little digging involved in trenchless sewer line repair and replacement, but the damage the digging does is very minimal. This method is fast and will also cost you less than the traditional sewer repair methods.

If you’re experiencing multiple clogged drains, frequent sewer line blockages, or smelly, wet, or soggy spots around your property, you may want to try out this new technology to fix your sewer line. Here is what you need to know about this method.

How It Works

Professional plumbers can use different methods depending on the situation. Regardless of the method used, you will still get excellent results together with very minimal damage to your yard. To understand how this method works, here are the steps involved.


The first step is the initial inspection of the existing line using a special camera. The plumbers will access the line from a drain in your home to know how long the line is, narrow down on the damaged areas, and determine how extensive the damage is.

This step will help the plumbers know the right method to apply to fix the pipe. Should you choose to use the trenchless method to repair the pipe, the old pipe will be removed by flushing it out using a hydro-jetter.

The professional plumbers will access the line from the shallowest point in the property. This is mostly on the yard, where the line goes to your basement.

The plumbers will ensure that they remove all the debris and old pipe to create a clean trench where the new pipe will be placed. A plumbing snake can perform this function

Pipe Relining

The plumbers will ensure that the sewer line is clear before they insert the new pipe lining into the sewer. Once they do this, the line takes some time to cure. The liners used, called CIPP or cured in place pipes, are made from a resin that, as it hardens, restores the damaged sewer line.

The resin is inserted into the sewer line and then filled up using a vacuum method. This is to ensure that it is completely saturated.

The plumbers will use the camera again at this point, to make sure that the resin fits correctly. This they do with minimal digging because they will only access a part of the sewer line to allow the trenchless pipe repair.

Final Inspection

After the line has had enough time to cure, which can take 1 to 30 hours depending on how big the pipe is, another inspection is performed using the camera. This is to help determine if the repair was effective.

If the damage to the line was effectively repaired, they restore service to the property, and you can begin to use the sewer line immediately.

Repairing and replacing a sewer line using this method is no longer a strenuous task like it was in the case of traditional methods that wreaked havoc on the driveway or lawn. The process is simple, quick because the repair can be done in one day.

The sewer line will last for many years. However, only professionals who specialize in trenchless plumbing can handle it.

Where It Is used

Trenchless sewer line repair can solve several problems surrounding sewer and water line repairs. The method can handle:

  • Installation of larger water lines to the house
  • Repair wrongly installed pipes that lead to leaky lines or constant sewer backups
  • Replace or repair damaged pipes that have been caused by consistent freezing and thawing
  • Underground pipes
  • Blocked or clogged pipes that burst because of household debris or roots
  • Pipes that have cracked because of ground movement

Talk to your plumber about your plumbing needs, and they will be able to advise you on the right trenchless method to use in your residential or commercial property.

Benefits of Trenchless Repair

Repairing sewer lines is no longer as messy as it was before. There are several advantages of using this new technology. Here are a few:

  • The method is very efficient and saves time and money
  • It is less-intrusive
  • Repairs are quick
  • It causes very minimal damage to your lawn or driveway
  • The repairs done are permanent and meet industry standards

Repairing sewer lines using traditional methods was costly because it included the cost of repairing the dug up lawn or destroyed landscaping. It was also time-consuming because of the much digging that was involved.

With trenchless repair, you will be able to use your home immediately. This means that you will not have to make other living arrangements while the work is being done.

Consider Trenchless Sewer Line Repair for Your Property

The expenses, not to mention the inconvenience caused by leaking sewer lines, blockages, and other damages to pipes located underground, cannot be underestimated. Trenchless sewer repair offers a better solution to such problems ad more using fast, effective and efficient technology.

At Suburban Plumbing, we have what it takes to ensure that your sewer lines are professionally repaired. We have the right tool, equipment, and knowledge necessary to diagnose your plumbing problems and to get them repaired quickly with minimal disturbance to your property.

If you have a plumbing emergency, need plumbing cleaning or maintenance, or want to find more about trenchless sewer line repair, contact us today for expert, friendly and affordable services.

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