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Saving You Time, Money & Headaches: How Suburban Plumbing Tackles Trenchless Sewer Repair


How Does a Plumber Tackle Trenchless Sewer Repair

When your sewer line fails, there’s no waiting around to see if it heals itself. For one thing, broken sewer pipes smell nasty and can cause health issues if ignored. You need a quick solution to a messy problem.

What do you do?

In the past, your only choice was digging up the yard, the driveway, and often the sidewalks. Not to mention digging deep into your bank account.

Today, you have options! Ever heard of trenchless sewer repair? Read about how Suburban Plumbing uses modern plumbing technology and relieves many of the headaches associated with broken sewer lines.

But first, what do we mean by trenchless?

What Is a Trenchless Sewer?

Before trenchless technology, the only way you could repair or replace a sewer line was by digging a trench. Trench digging requires either heavy equipment or a lot of physical stamina. Unless you can grab a shovel and start digging, you’ll use an excavator.

Whether you dig it yourself or use machinery, you need the trench. It provides you access to the broken sewer line.

Trenchless sewer repair means instead of a long trench that could end up 15 feet deep, you’ll only need a minimal amount of digging. In fact, you should only need a small opening at each end of your sewer line.

Once the plumber digs a small access pit, they push a resin-coated tube into the sewer pipe. Next, they blow compressed air is blown into the tube, which pushes it against the inside of the old pipe.

After the resin hardens, you have a new pipe inside the old pipe. Keep in mind this is the bare bones explanation. Your plumber can go into even more detail if you’re into talking plumbing technology.

Keep reading for a few advantages offered by trenchless technology.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Saves You Money

Conventional sewer line repair normally means excessive digging.

The yard is the first victim and in many cases, digging also affects the driveway and walkways. When you factor in the cost of heavy equipment, the labor, and then replacing grass, landscaping, and cement or asphalt, you can spend a large amount of money.

Trenchless repair only needs two small access points to your sewer line.

You’ll not only save on labor and equipment, but you’ll also save on materials as well. Keep in mind, you might not save on the initial cost of materials. But the materials used in trenchless pipe repair last longer than those used in other repair methods.

Speaking of the benefit of a long life, what about the warranty?

About That Warranty

All plumbing companies offer a warranty on their work. But how long can you expect your sewer line repair to last?

This is a question for your plumbing professional because every company uses their own warranty system.

What we can tell you is trenchless sewer repair can last anywhere from 10-50 years—some companies predict 100 years. With conventional repairs, you may enjoy 25-30 years.

Discuss warranty on parts and any guarantees on work with your plumber before they start the job.

Besides cost and warranty, you should also consider the convenience factor.

No Hotel Reservation Required

Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve already lived in a home where the sewer line went rogue. If so, then you remember how you couldn’t use your water for an extended amount of time. Translate that to several days.

Most homeowners who need a complete sewer line replacement end up packing their bags and heading for a mini-vacation at a hotel or relative’s home.

The trench method usually means the plumbing team spends several hours digging around the old sewer pipes. Then several hours repairing or replacing the line. After that, it’s several more hours spent filling the trench back in.

As you know, when a sewer line goes rogue it means you can’t wash or flush until the repairs are complete. You either truck water in or go elsewhere until the team finishes the job.

Trenchless sewer line repair turns a 7-14 day project into a 24-48 hour job. Most projects only take one day. No hotel needed!

If you’re concerned about the environment, trenchless technology will also interest you.

Go Trenchless and Go Green

You’ve likely spent years cultivating plants and trees in your yard. You love your green space! Because trenchless technology uses environmentally friendly techniques and equipment, it doesn’t harm the environment.

Beyond protecting plants and trees, you also avoid one potentially harmful result of excavating.

Excavation can expose you to underground toxins. Some of these toxins can seriously harm you if you breathe them into your lungs. They can also infiltrate the water supply.

When you go trenchless, you not only protect the environment, you also protect yourself and your family.

Can Anybody Go Trenchless?

As with most technology, the trenchless repair isn’t always the best solution for every customer. It’s not you personally, but your existing sewer line might not allow this type of repair.

For example, if you have a collapsed pipe, trenchless repair probably won’t work for you. Also, if you have multiple bends in your sewer line, trenchless may not be the right option.

Before your plumbing professional starts a job like this they’ll use a scope, or camera and examine the condition of your sewer line. They can determine if you have a collapsed pipe or some other issue that isn’t compatible with a trenchless repair.

Finding a company with an excellent reputation and experience with trenchless sewer repair will help you choose the best solution.

Do You Need Professional Sewer Line Services?

When you face broken sewer lines in your home or at your business, you need a professional who can discuss your repair options and then get the job done quickly. You also want a repair method that is cost-effective, convenient, and long-lasting.

Now that you know a bit more about trenchless sewer repair, calling a professional who understands the technology should be your first phone call. Contact us today and we’ll get you on the schedule!

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